A good 2017 lamb season

Wiltipoll and Dorper wethers from the 2017 season, and a cross-breed ewe

The spring of 2017 was quite dry, but we had a good spread of lambs with very few rejected by the ewes, as can happen in dry periods.

This year we had several of the fast-growing Dorper-Wiltipoll crosses.

These crosses are prime meat sheep.

They are also a bit nervous. Unlike the reserved Wiltipoll, the Dorper has a slightly more high-strung nature, which is seen in the crossed lambs.

We have to be a bit careful catching them, as they can run hard into fences.

Wiltipolls on the other hand, are far easier to handle. They’ll only hurt themselves trying to steal your feed bucket.

The Dorper crosses are patchwork black and whites, easy to identify in the field.

Wiltipolls and Dorpers are renowned for their fine eating quality.