Tender Lamb Farm (TLF) is in southern Tasmania, part of the beautiful Huon Valley.

We specialise in breeding Wiltipolls, Wiltshires and Dorpers.

TLF engages in low-intensity stocking of sheep in a humane, peaceful setting. Our animals exist in part to keep the grass short for each summer fire season, and we sell many of our annual crop of lambs to people who want grass cutters, or pets.

Our sheep are specialist meat breeds. We supply wethers as gourmet meat lambs, and rams and ewes as breeders.

Tender Lamb Farm is also developing mixed varieties, as we believe animal vigor and easy handling are more important than maintaining pure breeds.

We believe drenches and other pesticides/herbicides should be used as little as possible, if at all.

If you are looking for gourmet lambs, or breeders, email us at shepherd@tenderlamb.com

We tend to sell out quickly. If you wish to be contacted when lambs become available, enter your name and email below …

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